People looking for public gold fossicking areas or private gold claims can directly visit to Since gold has been a very profitable business since decades ago, gold mining or gold prospecting is also developed with the modern technology. Therefore, let us review some methods or techniques on gold prospecting.

There is a gold panning as a traditional and basic mining. Even though this method has been invented since years ago but it still exists. A miner will dig up the sand in the river by using a large pan. When the pan is filled with sand, the miner will let it drained very slowly. Knowing that a metal such as gold is much heavier than sand, it will just move to the very bottom of the pan used by the miner. This method can make a miner freeze his legs since the process takes a long time.

There is a metal detection as one of the modern gold prospecting techniques. The metal detector cannot be used to distinguish between sorts of metals and gold. The detector is, somewhat, used to find gold. The weakness of this kind of detector is it can even make less valuable minerals show up on the metal detector. Thus, gold itself is often showing up on the detector. In addition, there is also underground mining. Even though it can be a very dangerous technique but by using mining equipment which has safety standards and proper regulations, this mining technique is very beneficial.

There is also river damming. This technique can endanger the environment. That is why although in the past this technique was quite common but now, it is prohibited because of the environmental issues. Stopping the river to flow and make the river bed dry is the basic procedure of this technique. More than anything else, this method is no longer allowed today.