No Need To Gamble: Best Bets On Las Vegas Travel Deals

In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to pinch pennies. That's why anyone planning a trip to Sin City is desperate to find Las Vegas travel deals... because who can afford to pay full price these days? Here are my favorite tips for doing Vegas for less:
  • Become a VIP to get free rooms and other gratis goodies: If you're traveling to Vegas to gamble, the casinos are going to love you. High rollers who bet a lot of money end up earning all kinds of free perks from casino hosts, like free rooms, show tickets, and tasty meals. The problem with this plan is that you have to gamble A LOT to earn your free rewards. For those of us who aren't "Whales" at the gaming tables, there are probably a few better options for earning Vegas travel deals.
  • Book a package deal: The airlines, hotels, and travel sites all want you to book your travel expenses early through and them to make sure they're the ones who win as much of your hard-earned money as they can take. One of the ways in which they compete for your buck is to offer package deals, in which you can book your flight, hotel room, and extra goodies like show tickets and meals, all in one bundle that costs less than if you paid for each piece individually. These packages can be great deals, but like everything else, you'll save the most money if you shop for the best packages that suit your specific needs. Are you hoping to catch Blue Man Group while you're in town? There's a package deal that includes tickets to the show, a hotel room, and a flight into town, all bundled together at a killer price.
  • Travel to Vegas in the middle of the week: Las Vegas is packed with hard partying masses on weekends, and as the laws of supply and demand dictate, that's when room prices are at their highest. But if you have the flexibility and free time to travel during the week, you can save a ton of money. The cheapest room rates can generally be found in the middle of the week on Wednesdays, a day that exists as an island as far from the weekend as one can get. While the town is a little less busy during the week, there is still plenty of fun to be had and the rates are much, much lower, so why not head out to Vegas and party like it's Wednesday night?
  • Comparison shop on the internet: The web is filled with travel sites offering incredible deals and packages. Priceline, Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, and so many more... it seems like another travel deal site pops up every day. With such a huge pool of deal sites to choose from, make sure you browse through as many of them as you can to ensure that you get the absolute best deal available for your trip to Vegas. There are tons of deals out there... but if you put a little work in, you can make sure you find the best one.
  • Become a member of a resort's rewards program: Almost all the resorts in Vegas feature free rewards programs or players clubs that they desperately want their guests to join. When you use one of the cards the casinos issue you, you earn points that can go towards comps and deals later on down the road. Many of the resorts in Vegas are connected, meaning you can use your rewards program card and earn points across multiple properties. For example, the MGM Mirage Players Club card is good at 12 different resorts, including the new Aria at CityCenter, Bellagio, The Mirage, and The MGM Grand. Rewards program members also get emails with great deals and exclusive offers, and they will often send you personalized offers based on your past activities in their casino. Fair warning, though: the casinos are looking to collect demographic information about you and how you behave when you're at their casino, which feels a bit "1984." If you don't mind the slightly Orwellian vibe to the whole thing, however, these rewards programs are a great way to earn money-saving deals.
Even during a recession, Vegas is not exactly a cheap town, but if you follow my tips, you can save some serious cash... which you can lose at the tables once you hit the casino floors. There are always more great tips for finding the best Las Vegas Air Hotel Specials, but if you follow my tactics, you'll be well on your way to finding great Las Vegas travel deals!

Plan a Trip to Las Vegas

Titillating entertainment, extraordinary fun or high end excitement, no matter if you seek any one or all of those, Las Vegas can surely offer you more than even you could handle. Some of the best comedians, magicians and performers ensure you that once you get to Las Vegas; you are bound to have the tie of your life.

Already a one stop destination for all joy seekers, Las Vegas has of late also become a star attraction for couples and would-be couples. Offering low budget as well as high budget and highly classy plans for all kinds of stay, Las Vegas is definitely a stop to make at least once in one's life.

If you, either alone or with a spouse or partner intend to go to Las Vegas however, I would like to give you one free suggestion. It is always better to go to Las Vegas with some form of Las Vegas travel package than not.

In Las Vegas, where people tend to forget about everything but fun, joy and entertainment, it is common for them to lose track of the money they are spending.
However, when covered with a Las Vegas travel package, such problems do not necessarily arise. When determining your Las Vegas travel package, you predetermine exactly how much you intend to spend in the place of many dreams while on the same time get a chance of encountering some of the best Las Vegas travel deals you could possibly get.
The Las Vegas travel deals are not just about saving money however, a Las Vegas travel deal means that you get to know just what kinds of shows you would rather be visiting beforehand and thus you make reservations beforehand for them.

A Las Vegas travel plan is something every potential vacation goers should have rather than the sorry alternative of going on hunches and coming out of highly awaited shows sorry for the money you spent booking for that show.
Although the fact remains that none of the shows are in the least bit lacking than the others, but one can never tell without expert advice from councilors about which of these shows you would like and which of them you would love.

Guide to Las Vegas Hotel Deals

While there is no dearth of upscale hotels in Las Vegas, not everybody can afford the Palazzo Resort Hotel Las Vegas or the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas. After all, you will need to conserve some money for the roulette tables. Although people are looking for inexpensive hotel rooms, most would not want to stay in cheap establishments. As a matter of fact, people are primarily interested in good deals on rooms in decent hotels. If you also want to save on accommodation on your next trip to Las Vegas, here is a secret for you that will work wonders. Who knows, you might even be able to save enough to take a second trip in the near future.
To begin with, it is imperative to clarify that while the super secret mentioned in this article works for gamblers as well as non gamblers, it may not be suitable for people who are totally averse to the idea of gambling. Well you may actually be in the wrong city, if you are completely against gambling. In this article we will talk about techniques that will help you to save a lot of money on every luxury that you intend to indulge from your room to food and from entertainment to travel.
You do not have to go to the bottom of the barrel when choosing a Las Vegas hotel. As a matter of fact, the larger hotels are the most generous of the lot since they have their reputation. Now, one of the best parts of being in Vegas is that the city is a veritable paradise for travelers with the sheer number of hospitality establishment. This also means that competition is cut throat. These businesses are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they not only get your business this time but also they please you enough to make you come back for more. In other words, they do not mind spending some of their profits to keep you happy.
Visit the casino of the hotel and signing up for a Players Club Card. It is free but it gives the casino vital information about the games you play and for how long. This simply helps them to determine how much money you are likely to lose and they are willing to spend a part of it to keep you satisfied. The expected losses differ from one game to another. For instance, if you are playing blackjack and the house has a 5% advantage, the casino has made a rough guess that you will end up losing $50 when playing with $1000 for every block of time. This means that the casino will be happy to offer you discounts and goodies valued at 20 to 40 percent of your losses. You need to understand that the expected losses are an anticipated figure and you may not lose at all.
Another trick is to charge everything to your room. This includes entertainment, transportation, and so on. Once again, if you show the hotel that you are a paying customer, they will want you back. Feel free to talk to the manager or host/hostess about deals and comps; do not be shy when inquiring about comps that involve free hotel rooms and deep discounts. Most of these managers will be more than willing to help out a client who does not mind loosening his or her purse strings.
Finally, take some time out to sign up for the newsletters of various Vegas hotels. They offer some fantastic deals to attract business. While you may not get the hefty discounts that you can expect with the above technique, you will certainly manage to save a few bucks with the promotional offers.

How To Experience Las Vegas On A Budget

It is not impossible to enjoy Las Vegas on a budget! With a little research and planning, a visitor can anticipate and control trip expenses. Airline, auto club, travel review and discounter websites provide promotional information; it's essentially a matter of deciding what is most important to the visitor.
A significant part of the trip may be airline cost. It is important to check flight costs often (as they frequently change) and to make reservations well in advance. Lower-prices may be found for early morning, evening, or connecting flights. But, if a favorite Vegas show has available seats for the 7 PM show that are $50 less than the 10 PM one, spending a little more on airfare to arrive earlier will be worth it. If you would like to experience Las Vegas on a budget, have the big picture in mind of how you want to enjoy Las Vegas, in order to plan an itinerary that maximizes your spent dollar.
Regarding ground transportation from the airport, a cab costs at least $25 to cruise the famous, resort covered Strip, or casino-filled Downtown Las Vegas. It is less costly to rent cars away from the airport, but they are not really needed if Las Vegas is your final destination. Visitors can walk everywhere easily and safely. Guests may buy $5 unlimited passes from bus operators in the Deuce program, which will transport them all day. (There is also a pricier, off-strip monorail that connects some resorts, but trains connecting Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur resorts are free.)
Visitors have many options concerning accommodations. Older rooms in Downtown Vegas may be less than $50 per night, but hotels a block or two from the Strip may offer newer facilities and pools at comparable or just slightly higher prices. Good buys can also be found at the magnificent Strip resorts through auto club, senior, and military discounts, or mid-week specials Another option is to stay at an inexpensive lodging for part of the trip, then move to fancier accommodations. If one does not mind logistics involved with packing, it may be worth cab fare and a few extra dollars to enjoy upgraded amenities for a night or two.
Food can be pricey on the Strip, but for quick bites, the Excalibur and Circus-Circus house fast food chains, while pizza shops and delis are found behind many casinos. Food courts in the Venetian, New York New York and Miracle Mile offer moderate prices and decent-sized portions. Downtown restaurants offer excellent bargains to travelers in that area, but cab fare from the Strip is over $20. For enjoyment and value, consider a mid-level resort brunch buffets for about $15 per person. They offer enough selection to fuel the visitor through a busy day, eliminating the need to eat again until evening. It's best to avoid high-priced, resort counter service, but many casual, sit-down restaurants have a variety of choices large enough to be shared.
Most Las Vegas first-run entertainment is sold out well in advance, but there may be single seats available. If the party is willing to be seated separately, this may result in excellent seats at a good price. However, ticket outlets (Near Planet Hollywood and The Wynn) sell half-price and discount tickets for that day's productions, including less expensive afternoon shows. (Beware that online or "discount" agents can charge more than the face value of the ticket.)
Las Vegas also offers free entertainment. Treasure Island's "Sirens" production holds multiple shows daily and the fountains at Bellagio display dancing waters and lovely music every 15-30 minutes. Bellagio's Conservatory, MGM's Lion Habitat, the Tiger Exhibit and the Erupting Volcano at the Mirage are also free. Free performances at Caesar's, Circus Circus and Excalibur are especially entertaining for children, and allow guests to relax in air-conditioned comfort for an hour or so.
Other attractions carry a price tag that may not be the best use of some travelers' resources. The Venetian Gondola rides, Paris's Eiffel Tower, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef, and the amusement park rides atop the Stratosphere can take a big bite out of a wallet-even with coupons. It's just as much fun to walk through the Caesar's Forum Shops, snap pictures inside the Luxor pyramid, relax near the Wynn Waterfall, or simply browse the European markets of Paris and the Venetian.
Casinos will track individual gaming and reward it with "comps" on future hotel stays and meals. Ask casino representatives before gaming to be given full credit. It is also a good idea to take only take a portion of one's gambling budget on each trip to a casino, and quit when it has been depleted, regardless of winnings. The satisfaction of staying within a budget while going home with winnings can make the trip that much more pleasant and memorable!

Contemporary Accomodation Vegas Style

A Las Vegas holiday is not just for adults anymore. The Vegas strip is now family-friendly and one of the best holiday package deals in the States. Choose from simple contemporary Las Vegas hotels to the wild and wacky theme hotels in your choice of three, four and five star accommodation.

Saving money is on everybody's to-do list, and Las Vegas is the best place to tweak your travel plans to fit your budget. Although fabulous Las Vegas is the playground for the world, a large percentage of patrons come from southern California for Friday and Saturday nights. To avoid a higher nightly Las Vegas hotel rate, try to book your Vegas holiday from Sunday through Thursday nights for impressive savings and a little more elbow room when walking The Strip.

A typical hotel on The Strip will stretch for a few city blocks, some well equipped with animal sanctuaries, ranging rivers and even roller coasters in the lobby.

Las Vegas has come a long way from its' humble beginnings with Bugsy Siegel's vision for a little gaming in the desert. Today, each new Vegas hotel is bigger and better than it's neighbour, offering their guests the best in dining, entertainment and scenic city views.

If you take your Vegas excitement on the side and prefer a quiet place to retreat at night, not to be overlooked are the Las Vegas hotels situated around MacCarren International Airport and nearby city of Henderson. In addition to traditional hotels, long and short-term stays are available from a multitude of corporate housing units fitted with a full kitchen and all the comforts of home.

Las Vegas has enough attractions and activities to sustain the most seasoned travellers with outlet shopping malls, world-class dining, exciting live shows and plenty of amusement rides for young and old. The major hotels and casinos on The Strip are home to permanent exhibitions and performances whilst employing new acts regularly to keep the entertainment fresh. Pick up your copy of the Las Vegas Guide magazine at your hotel concierge or lobby for insight to this week's newest attractions and valuable wining and dining coupons inside.

Click here for more information and great deals on Venetian hotel Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Las Vegas and Flamingo Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hotels - Choosing Your Hotel Location

Las Vegas is not short on hotels, in fact it has hundreds of them and most are huge! Las Vegas actually boasts some of the biggest and most iconic hotels in the world like; The Venetian Hotel, the Bellagio Hotel and Caesars Palace to name a few.
Vegas is a busy destination all year round so it's really important to book your Las Vegas hotel well in advance. It attracts millions of visitors who come to enjoy its world-renowned entertainment, casino resorts, gambling and top shopping.
Locating your Vegas hotel is one of the most important aspects of your holiday planning. Here are some of the main areas of the city to base yourself.
Hotels on the Strip
The Las Vegas Boulevard is known as 'The Strip'. It is the most prestigious address in the city centre and is home to the largest and most exclusive hotels, gambling and casino resorts in the city. It stretches for a distance of almost 6.6km It boasts top attractions, and visitors can see the pyramids of Egypt, the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower, a spectacular fountains show, an exploding volcano and lots more!
If you want to base your self on the Strip, then shop around and compare hotel prices as it can be quite pricey. Each hotel is as big, more extravagant and jaw dropping than the next and their hotel prices are anything but fixed, so keep checking and you will get a good deal if you're flexible.
Hotels Off the Strip
If you don't find a good deal on the Strip and don't want to pay the exorbitant prices then choose a hotel off the Strip. Las Vegas hotels east of the Strip are still within walking distance and convenient to attractions like the Convention Centre, the University of Nevada, Restaurant Row and McCarran International Airport.
Hotels west of the Strip are convenient to Chinatown, the Spring Valley Suburb, the 80 acre Springs Reserve and the Art Museum.
If the hotel is not within easy walking distance of the Strip, then most will offer complimentary shuttle buses.
Hotels near Freemont Street
Freemont Street is vintage Vegas and the birthplace of Las Vegas' world famous entertainment. It is one of the brightest streets in the world (it can even be seen from space!). Freemont has become a major tourist attraction in the city and is home to top sites like the Neon Museum, Viva Vision, spectacular Light & Sound Shows, the Las Vegas City Hall, a pedestrian mall, giant LED screen towers, legendary casinos, street performers and open air concerts.
If you would prefer the Old Town Vegas then choose Freemont Street hotels.
Hotels Near the Airport
McCarran International Airport is the city's main airport and it is located just 8km from the city centre so wherever you choose to stay you won't be too far from catching that flight! There are also plenty of hotels close to airport. But don't worry if you're not based close to the airport as the Las Vegas Monorail runs to and from the airport and the Sahara Station on the Las Vegas Boulevard South. It stops at many hotel resorts along the way.
This city has a fantastic array of luxury hotels. Don't be put off by the size and luxury of these mega resort hotels as you can really find a good deal here if you avoid Friday and Saturday nights, big sporting events and large conventions. Other times to avoid include New Year's Eve, July 4th, Valentines and public holidays.
There is a hotel to suit every taste and budget whether you're looking for cheap hotels in Las Vegas or luxury hotels. There are so many hotels to choose from; business hotels, a casino hotels, family hotels, golf hotels, pet friendly hotels, self-catering hotels or spa hotels.

Vegas On A Budget

From the lure of the casinos to the excitement of the world class concerts, the city of Las Vegas has plenty of costly experiences to offer its visitors. Each year thousands of tourists come to Vegas to splash the cash, do a little gambling and even get married, but all of this can quickly add up, which can make Las Vegas a very expensive holiday to undertake. But never fear, just because you want to vacation on a budget it doesn't mean that Vegas is out of your reach altogether.

Holidaying in Vegas can be done on even the tightest of budgets, so just because your bank balance is unhappy it doesn't mean your holiday plans have to be. Getting to Vegas cheaply is very doable with plenty of low cost internal flights heading to the city every hour. Check online for cheap flights and always try to book in advance if you're looking for a bargain.

If you want to save a few more bucks opt for a mid week flight so you can bypass other tourists who normally fly at the weekend.

With its bright lights and numerous casinos, Vegas can quickly seduce even the thriftiest of us so making sure you plan ahead with your budget is vital to a successful stay in this city. If you're looking for free things to do then you can't go wrong with a trip to the Bellagio hotel, which houses an indoor botanical gardens and a fantastic water fountain display outside. You can also have a great evening by simply taking a stroll along the strip popping into some of the cities most famous hotels from Sam's Town Hotel, which hosts a laser light and water show, to the MGM Grand where you can watch lions interacting with their trainers. If you want to get away from the bright lights of the strip head to the Hawaiian Market place mall which regularly puts on free shows featuring traditional Polynesian performances.

If you are still keen to try your hand in one of Vegas's world famous casinos head to an establishment which offers lower game limits so you can stretch your money and still spend an evening in the heart of Vegas's nightlife.

If you are working to a budget chances are you won't have any extra cash to spend on a five star hotel but there are plenty of hotels in Vegas that offer cheaper rates to the budget conscious traveller. Check out hotels that are a little further out of the city and always keep a look out for two for one deals or hotels that offer you discounts on activities in and around the city.

If you think you can't afford a great holiday in Vegas it's time to reconsider as there are plenty of free and low cost activities that won't break your budget and, who knows, you may even win the jackpot at the casino so you never have to budget for a holiday again.

Las Vegas Vacation - Tips, Tricks and Cautions

These "cautions", "tips", and "tricks" are offered to help make your Las Vegas Vacation as enjoyable, fast and easy to plan as possible. Whether this is your first trip to "Fabulous Las Vegas" or you are a veteran, you'll find some useful tips and tricks here.
Las Vegas Travel Tips: First and foremost, the biggest mistake many travelers to Las Vegas make in planning a trip is to book the cheapest air fare/hotel package "available anywhere". These are offered everywhere from your hometown newspaper to television ads to especially, e-mail spam. Beware!
Why? A Cheap Las Vegas Vacation is good, we agree! BUT, did you know virtually all Las Vegas Hotels have 2- 3 levels of room quality (or options)? Now, we mean even many of the five star, "big ones" many of these are just plain substandard rooms, maybe with a nice view of the air conditioning system! (This actually happened to me personally, and was it Loud!)
Things like older bed mattresses, no safes, old decorating, long walks to the casino, restraunts, shows, or even a taxi. Did you know there are monorail trains running right behind some of the rooms? How about a roller coaster right outside your window? And lots more. Just remember "cheapest" is just that. Ask at the front desk at check-in exactly where your room is, look at it before signing in if possible.
We aren't pushing for only high dollar rooms here, just get the best quality room your budget will allow, you will be very glad you did.
Why book your Hotel first? Las Vegas is booked up an average of 94% year round, so plan ahead (at least 30+ days is recommended) to get the exact days you want, where you want, room quality you want. Plus, usually it's less expensive to book well in advance. Did you know that Sunday through Thursday is less expensive? When you get your selected Las Vegas Hotel booked, then you can book a flight to fit the days in and out to fit YOUR schedule.
Makes sense doesn't it?
Once you get your Las Vegas Hotel booked first. Then you can book the Las Vegas Shows that you want, when you want. Be sure to check to see if your particular show choice isn't "dark" on your selected days. Holidays are a good example of dark days.
Then book your Las Vegas Tour. (If you have never experienced the thrill of a Helicopter Ride at night over "Glitter Gulch and Downtown", or a daytime trip over the Boulder Dam and Grand Canyon this is something you will never forget!) It isn't as expensive as you might think! Check our tours links for prices and times.
This is the entertainment capital of the World, so allow yourself enough time to take in as many attractions (dozens are free) as possible, it will make your Las Vegas Vacation much more memorable. If possible, book an extra night stay just to allow for a special Las Vegas Tour or a day of Las Vegas Golf.
Las Vegas Gambling Tips:
Gambling is the lifeblood of Las Vegas. You didn't really think those billion dollar hotels were built by "winners" did you? Set a daily budget for gambling and stick to it! You do have a good chance at winning. Hundreds if not thousands of "Hand Pay Jackpots" are paid every day. Be careful though, those chips, tokens and ticket-in/ticket-out seem too much like "play money" they are not they are your real money! Stick to your budget! Did I say that already?
Get a "players card" everywhere you go and use it, or if you are a "table player" ask the pit boss to "rank" or "rate" you. They will track your play and comp you accordingly with all kinds of free stuff. Such as meals, rooms, clothing, limos, gift shop points and even cash. These really help put the odds in your favor.
Seems like my "budget" is always too small, but try your best to set a reasonable daily goal and stick to it, don't tap into tomorrows budget! Just maybe you'll walk away a big winner! It happens every day. Remember the phrase: "Walk away when ahead"!
It's not my place to preach, but here are some very useful Las Vegas tips on handling your money. All that cash in the casinos you see everywhere attracts some pretty shady characters (read Crooks!) Security is excellent, but there are always a few, and it just takes one to ruin a perfect vacation.
Las Vegas Security:
Ladies, bring or buy a small purse with a neck strap or waste pouch, or fanny pack, something that is comfortable enough to keep on your person all the time. Never ever set your purse on the floor or next to a machine, or on a stool next to you. This is a magnet for thieves! Keep that strap around your neck.
Most thieves work in pairs, one to distract you, the other to snag your purse. Just a couple types of distractions they use are: one will drop a coin or dollar bill or two near you on the floor and ask you "is that your cash on the floor?" while the other grabs your stuff, or overly talkative "players" will sit down next to you and jabber to get your attention, while their partner grabs your stuff, or hits the payout button and walks away with your ticket. Believe me. This does happen. They are very slick and fast, so just be aware.
When you do accumulate a couple winning tickets, hide them in your wallet or purse until you are ready to cash them in, and then stash the cash. Remember the "walk away" tip?
Men: It isn't degrading to wear a waste pouch. Okay, if you just don't want to, then fold your bills and keep them in your front pants pocket. If they "pickpocket" your wallet with all your credit cards in it at least you'll have your cash, or vice versa, just keep them seperated. And, watch those tickets.
If you do hit a good size jackpot, take the money to the safe in your room or take it to the Hotel desk for safekeeping. Or, ask for a Security escort to your room or car. They are happy to provide this service. Don't walk around the casino or streets with a big wad of cash!
The Security at all Hotels and Casinos is excellent. With all those thousands of cameras (Eyes in the sky) every inch of the casino is being taped continuously. (Did you know that Nevada law requires casinos to have this level of security?) It is for your protection as well as the Hotel/Casino.
Now please understand, we are not trying to scare you away here, but rather just make you aware! It is real easy to get caught up in all the flashing lights, noise, overhead shows, people watching and normal distractions of a casino. Just don't give them an opportunity to ruin your fun

About Las Vegas Limo Party Bus Transportation Services

When it comes to decisions that matter, learn and discover the best of everything about Las Vegas limo party bus transportation services, as an insider's view if you will, to see, buy, AND avoid in Vegas, use this as reference guide about Vegas limousine transportation services to enrich your Vegas VIP entertainment experience. I guarantee it.
Knowing how to work the system in Vegas on all the venues beginning with transportation is a great way to begin planing your Las Vegas party and get a great deal on all the things you need and a bunch more you didn't know you needed. Plan ahead for your reservation at the best Las Vegas restaurants for your romantic, private or group dining experience by arranging a Las Vegas Party Bus limo for large groups with a seating capacity of 20 plus up to 30 passengers, the party bus limo is a great way to travel, especially for a bachelor party.
Sometimes, a party doesn't need a destination - in the case of the Las Vegas party bus limo, the ride IS the destination. A Party Bus can hold a large group - anywhere from 20 to 30 people or even more in some cases. Usually the inside of a limo bus is heavily customized, and can feature everything from flat-screen HDTV's and full wet bars and other amenities and a stripper pole, 3,500 watt sound system, CD/DVD player, iPod station a large screen 52" TV and a 50K light show to dazzle your interior environment is recommended by Las Vegas limo guide the perfect option for that Las Vegas bachelor or bachelorette party, or any birthday bash.
Make sure to check out pictures of the interior and the amenities before you book so that you're sure of what you're getting... an airport shuttle bus, mini bus or luxury motor coaches that is priced for $75 per hour is NOT the same as a party bus limo coach that can cost between $100 and $200 per hour. The average limo bus price is very affordable due to the number of people that can share the cost.
When you arrive in the entertainment capital of the world, your choices are virtually unlimited. You can choose from a wide variety of genres and styles. Las Vegas party buses create the kind of ambiance that reveal the most entertaining options. If this is what you are looking for; an amazing exhibition of entertainment offered for every venue of visual presentation exhilarated euphoria, whatever you desire, yes, you can have it in a Vegas party bus, even your own private show;-)
Las Vegas Party Bus limousine transportation companies are experts punting together bachelor parties or bachelorette parties, VIP access at the hottest nightclubs and strip clubs will never be an issue. They do a lot of business with these clubs, so they can give you the same Las Vegas VIP experience for a better price.
Booking these nightclubs on wheels is very economical and everybody has the chance to travel together and party. About the corporate business travel, there are many factors to consider when booking a Vegas limo coach service, the limo party bus price should not be the only factor in your search. Much like renting a hotel, different price often mean different service levels. It's good to have a budget determined ahead of time, but also know what type of Vegas experience you want.
McCarran International Airport provides a ground transportation list; Vegas Airport limo bus services is a far better value than a limo ride due to the ultimate comfort and luxury. Airport shuttle bus service also available for airport transfers. Make sure to get the limousine coach price and hourly rates in details before booking and also check the company cancellation policy and terms of service.
Compare the lowest rates and hourly price for the best deals with limousine transportation companies online, search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask and/or other search engines for Las Vegas party bus limousine transportation for easy access to detailed information to decide and plan a trip for a Vegas vacation.
Limo coaches are the the perfect most comfortable and convenient way of traveling to and from any of the golf courses in the valley. There are some 60 courses in/or around Vegas and large travel groups make arrangements to book limo bus charters especially for golf outings. Service outings can be customized for every golfer and budget to organize the perfect golf event. Golf packages deals such as stay and play package and tee time specials can be easily arrange with a VIP concierge services at/for your convenience.
The LVCVA brings visitors to Clark County in Sin City by promoting convention, meetings and special events and thus made the Las Vegas Convention Center on Paradise road the ultimate authority in trade show planning services and convention center guide to limousine transportation services. Limo buses are the appropriate vehicle type for large groups in corporate travel service and professional travel management.
Vegas party bus limos are used in a variety of limousine transportation type services from casino hotel resort nightclubs to airport transfers and golf courses especially as convenience options for fun leisure opportunities to cater to the Las Vegas party crowd, even for innovative student travel programs that educate and excite eager young minds on school event dance for graduation/prom. Parents or legal guardian have to sign a minor liability agreement for the kids under the age of 21to be picked up from school property.

Las Vegas Vacation Tips

With world class dining, entertainment, shopping and attractions, Sin City is at the top of almost everyone's travel list.

Whether you plan to stay for a week or a weekend, make sure you have your trip planned well before you touch down in Nevada with some great tips.

Take some time to talk with your fellow travelers and come up with a tentative itinerary that you can all agree on to make the trip one to remember.

You first order of business should be booking a hotel room. Keep in mind staying Sunday through Thursday will be less expensive than the weekend, so if your time permits you can plan accordingly. Booking at least 30 das in advanced will probably get you a better deal. Once you've found your hotel room you can start looking into flight deals. There are a variety of discount airlines that fly daily to Vegas from most large cities, and if you don't mind stopovers you can probably save on your airfare.

Once you arrive in Vegas there are several options for getting to your hotel. Shuttle buses are the cheapest bed, averaging to per person, but be aware that it could take up to an hour until you finally arrive at your stop. A taxi or limousine on the other hand will run from about to . Public transportation is also available in the form of monorail lines, bus and trolley service which are a prefect way to get around on the cheap.

You can also stay entertained for free in Vegas with a number of attractions like the fountains of Bellagio, the volcano at the Mirage, lions at MGM and a free circus performance at Circus Circus.

While you're spending your time taking in the fun of the Vegas strip, make sure you keep a few things with you. The sun is quite strong in Nevada so be sure to pack a good pair of sunglasses no matter what time of the year you are visiting. The strong desert sun is also known to dehydrate tourists, so be sure to drink lots of water. Hotels and casinos will take advantage of thirsty travelers with expensive water bottles, but if you stock up at a drugstore and keep the bottles in your hotel room you can avoid inflated prices. Comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen are also a good idea any time of the year. Don't forget you are in the middle of the Mohave Desert after all!

Above all else have a budget before you leave. Las Vegas is full of incredible things to see and do, but you won't want to come back regretting all of your frivolous spending. Take into consideration the amount of days you will be there to ensure you will have enough to cover all of your meals, transportation, as well as budgeting in whatever forms of entertainment you will be taking advantage of while on vacation. Decide what you are willing to spend the most money on during your stay and then budget all of your other necessities accordingly.

Then get ready for an unforgettable stay in Sin City.
Viva Las Vegas!